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We offer Maths courses that allow learners the chance to gain a qualification.

Our courses are adapted to each individual and their level of learning, whether they are at entry level or want to achieve up to a level 1 qualification. All our courses are delivered by a team of highly experienced and qualified tutors in a friendly, relaxed, and multicultural environment.

Math courses are free.

Our courses help learners to:

  • Develop their maths skills
  • Learn and socialise with other adult learners
  • Develop their confidence in everyday situations
  • Help them to gain employment

We host Advice, Assessment and Enrolment sessions throughout the year to help learners join a course that best supports their needs and aspirations. These are held at various venues across Leicester.

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Learner Quote

“All my life I’ve completely hated math. I never understood it at 15 or 50! I’m so happy and confident with maths now.” – Maths Level 1 Learner