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Online Learning

Information regarding online learning and the use of Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education


Leicester Adult Education uses Google Workspace for Education for face to face and remote learning courses. Your tutor can share course materials and assignments electronically. You can safely contact and work with your tutor and other learners using a learner e-mail that you will be provided with.

We want to help learners to develop their IT skills during their course. Your tutor will provide all the resources that you would expect from a classroom course in our virtual learning environment (Google Classroom).

If you are a new learner, you will receive your learner ID number from the Enrolment Team at the point of enrolment.

Your account will be your learner

When you login for the first time, use the password ‘Lasals123’. You will be asked to change your password to something memorable the first time you log on. Your new password must be I2 to 14 characters long and include letters and numbers. The password you choose will be the password you will need to access your account each time. If you forget your password, please contact us on 0116 454 1900.


This learner account gives you access to:

Gmail —To protect your privacy, your tutor and other learners will only e-mail you using your e-mail account, please do not use your personal account to contact your tutor

Google Classroom — Before the start of your course, you will receive an e-mail invite from Classroom@leicesterlearns in your Gmail. Please accept this invite the moment you receive it. Google Classroom is divided into three sections:


  • Stream: Your tutor will communicate with your group using this page. At the beginning of your course, you will find some extra information from your tutor including start date and time, material needed, important dates, initial assignments and more.
  • Classwork: Your tutor may share material, set individual and group assignments and more using the classwork section in Google Classroom. You can complete your electronic assignments using this section using the web version in a computer or the Google Classroom app in smartphone or tablet. If your tutor shares electronic assignments with you, they will also mark and return your work electronically.
  • People: This section will show you a list of tutors and a list of classmates in your group. Your name will not appear in the ‘classmates’ list.

Make sure that you are accessing Google Classroom using your leicesterlearns account instead of any personal Google accounts you may have. If you are experiencing any issues or have not received an e-mail in your leicesterlearns account two days before the official start date of your course, please contact us on 0116 454 1900

Google Meet - If your sessions are taking place online, your tutor may arrange meetings using this tool. Links will be shared with you via the Google Classroom Stream. Your tutor will let you know where to find the link to the Google Meet session and when will meetings take place. You can participate in Google Meet sessions using a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet (except for Amazon Fire devices). If you will be using a smartphone or a tablet, you will need to install the Google Meet app using the app store in your device.

Google Drive - All assignments and course materials shared via Google Classroom are stored in Google Drive. You can access these materials from any internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet that is signed into your leicesterlearns account. Google Drive also gives you access to Google Docs, allowing you to complete any assignment that your tutor may share electronically with you. If you will be completing your course using a smartphone or tablet, you will need to install the Google Drive and Google Docs app using the app store in your device.


You can sign into your account from any computer, smartphone, or tablet device with an internet connection. You can complete electronic assignments from any of these devices, but to make the experience as comfortable as possible, we recommend that you use a computer, laptop or a physical keyboard (Bluetooth or otherwise) for your smartphone or tablet if you want to join a course that will require a lot of typing.

Your account is provided for the courses you are taking with Leicester Adult Education, so please do not use this account to store personal or important materials or messages as it may not be possible to return them to you. At the end of your course, we recommend that you download any materials you want to keep to your own computer or a memory stick.

These systems are checked for inappropriate use, and offensive or illegal content. Accounts will be suspended immediately if concerns are raised.

Your tutor will help you with any issues that you have accessing materials and activities they plan to use as part of your course induction.