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We offer a wide range of different language courses, allowing our learners to communicate confidently in the language of their choice and to become independent language learners. Our courses develop learners' four linguist skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. These skills can be applied to all the different languages we offer. In addition, learners are encouraged to develop an understanding of the different cultures of the language they are learning.

Learning a language has many benefits including: improved memory, increased creative thinking, development of self-pride, creating relationships with other adult learners, and many more. Our learners have reported that upon completing a course, they now felt self-assured to communicate in their chosen language; this has helped learners who travel or are relocating to another country to live.

. Help with travelling through better communication with locals
. Improves memory and keeps the brain active
. Increased creative thinking
. Development of self-pride and confidence
. Creating relationships with other adult learners
. Increased job opportunities
. Developed perspectives, through learning about new cultures
. Ability to explore new things, for example, films and art in their original form.

We also offer foreign language talks and short language enhancement courses in a variety of interesting subjects, for those who are at intermediate/advanced level. The language talks are for those who want to improve their listening skills. You can sit back, relax, and listen to the language being spoken. Our enhancement courses are short courses for those who can already hold a conversation in the language with confidence and are available in French, Spanish and Italian.

British Sign Language

We also offer British Sign Language courses, for beginners and intermediates.

Learner's Story: Brenda and Carmel - Spanish Beginners to Confident Talking to Locals

Brenda and Carmel in the classroom with their tutor, Maria.  Brenda and Carmel in Spain

Sisters, Brenda and Carmel, decided to join our Spanish language courses after struggling with language barriers on a previous trip. Their goal was to complete El Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage in Northern Spain and they did just that – with the confidence to talk to locals!

“All the classes have been well prepared and targeted to our individual needs. There has been a variety of activities to promote interaction in the class. Maria (their tutor) is a person who is full of enthusiasm and energy, and she is always encouraging and positive.”

Brenda and Carmel joined us a beginners and now they’re at Level 5! We have lots of levels of languages available, so if you've been inspired, check out our upcoming courses below. You can filter by 'Languages' from the course search box, or search for a particular language.

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