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Published: 15 Jan 2024

Going Back to School: Hayley's Determination

Hayley said she didn't have the best start to life, so didn't gain any qualifications from school. However, through her determination, Hayley has achieved her dream and is now a Teaching Assistant. 

Hayley STL (1)

Hayley told us that she “didn’t have the best start in life”. She was taken into social services as a teenager, didn’t finish secondary school and therefore gained no GCSEs. However, this wouldn’t stop Hayley!

Hayley wanted to build a better career for herself and her children. She decided that she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a Teaching Assistant, and so, she embarked on this career path.

After seeing one of our social media posts, Hayley rang our enrolment advisors and soon enrolled onto our Level 1 Preparing to Work in School course and our Level 1 Mental Health and Wellbeing course.

Hayley told us that during her learning journey with us, she felt fully supported.

“The tutors are lovely and are always there to support me”

Hayley finished our Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning course, which she said was “brilliant”. Fast-forward to today, Hayley now works as a Learning Support Assistant at a local high school and is really enjoying it.

We wish Hayley the best of luck with her career, she really is a great example of never giving up and learning again as an adult.

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