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Published: 04 Apr 2023

Multiply - Maths Changed My Life

Shamim studied Maths Level 1 and 2 with us. Not only did she pass her exams, but learning numeracy skills completely changed her life. Read more about her learning journey.


Shamim wanted to learn the numeracy skills that she had struggled with all her life. Although Shamim has gained a lot of life experience and is very strong willed, she explained maths as her “downfall in everything”.

“All my life, I completely hated maths. I never understood it at 15 or 50!”

Enough was enough for Shamim, it was time to make a change. So, she enrolled onto our Level 1 Maths course. Now aged 51, Shamim has proved to us that learning at any age is so important. After completing level 1 maths and passing her level 2 exam, Shamim now loves maths!

“I am so happy, my confidence is through the roof”

We are so delighted to hear how much of an impact learning maths and gaining the numeracy skills Shamim previously struggled with have enriched her life. Shamim told us she learnt skills that have helped her to measure ingredients correctly in cooking and baking, measure her house correctly for home improvements and DIYs, help her grandchildren with their homework, and to split the bill quickly and correctly at restaurants. Shamim didn’t have “the tools and skills before stepping into the classroom”, but as she does now. Shamim is self-assured and confident she’ll gets things right the first time.

“After every lesson, I left there with a bounce in my step because I knew that I finally understood something I had struggled with my entire life.”

Shamim told us that learning as an adult learner, at the age of 50, was completely different to her time at school as a child.

“The environment was friendly and relaxed, I made friends with the other learners. Everyone wanted to learn and was willing to help each other. Our mindsets were completely different. The 1-2-1 support, that you just wouldn’t have got at school, was helpful too. It made me so happy, I was so motivated”

For those reasons, Shamim believes that is why she enjoyed her time with us so much and was successful in her learning. Another reason is because of her tutor, Rehana.

Shamim proudly told us that her experience wouldn’t have been the same without the support of her tutor, Rehana.

“Rehana wanted us to learn and succeed which motivated all of us. The teaching methods were also easy to understand which completely changed my mindset towards maths. I still use some of the methods now. Rehana listened to my problems, and I felt heard. Thank you so much!”

On reflection of Shamim’s learning, Rehana told us:

“Shamim was completely committed to achieving her Maths qualifications. She always worked hard at home and in class, overcoming her barriers. Congratulations Shamim!”

We’re so proud of Shamim and happy that she was able to reach her goals with us. We wish you all the best for the future Shamim!

If you’ve been inspired by Shamim and would like to improve your own maths skills, you can explore our maths curriculum here.

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